One of our primary goals is to provide a safe and secure environment for your child to learn and play.  We do that through several measures, all of which are meant to keep our ministry secure and provide peace of mind for parents.  

  • All volunteers must be a member of FBC for a minimum of 6 months and are required to complete a screening, which includes a national background check.
  • In the preschool zone, we use a checklist system.  Each child is signed in/out.  We use your cell # to notify you during services if you are needed.  We ask that you not send siblings to pick them up, as we want to make sure they are released to the appropriate parent or guardian. 

If interested in becoming a volunteer, please follow the Volunteer @FBCLiveOakkids tab to find out more

  • Preschool Zone is offered during every worship service for children who are not yet enrolled in school. We endeavor to provide loving, quality care and well-planned Bible learning activities to help your child take steps toward Jesus. You can find out more by clicking HERE
  • Sunday worship services are designed for the family to worship together. “Children learn to worship by worshiping – through participation, practice and patience. When worship is an obvious joy to parents, children will expect to experience the same” (Robbie Castleman, Parenting in the Pew). We can learn a great deal from children when it comes to worship and we want parents to take the opportunity to teach children that it’s not an hour of Christian entertainment but a time for our hearts to be surrendered to a God who is jealous for our attention, time and love. We provide a kid’s bulletin that correlates with the sermon, not for busy work but to give parents a tool to prompt further discussion at home. Please stop by our church library to borrow a copy of the book mentioned above or the book Teaching Kids Authentic Worship, as they are great resources for every parent.
  • Sundays at 9:45am we provide small group classes where teachers open God’s Word to teach the stories and practical applications found there. This hour of Sunday School is the perfect place for your child to learn how to “do life together” with other kids their age. 
  • Wed nights, during the school year, we hold AWANA clubs. AWANA is centered on the memorization of God’s Word through Handbooks, and has a great amount of fun during the Game Time, but our club has the unique opportunity to hold a Worship Time each week. This worship time is 30 minutes in length and has some elements of a typical church service but it’s designed to be on a kid’s level. (find out more about AWANA by clicking HERE)
  • What’s Next classes are scheduled throughout the year.  These classes are designed to help answer important spiritual questions for children who have recently accepted Christ as Savior or for those who have questions about salvation or baptism. These special classes are typically held on Sunday nights and are held as children or their parents express interest. Check the calendar on the main Children’s webpage to see what is scheduled or contact Debbie to see if one can be scheduled sooner.
  • There will be many other great events for kids and their families throughout the year so always check the calendar on the main page