We believe children are precious to the Lord. This area is bursting with color and creates a child-friendly atmosphere. We seek to insure your child receives the best professional Christian child care available and we welcome the opportunity to serve your family.

The preschool zone is divided into these rooms:

  • Nursing Room - a private room with rocking chairs for mothers and a crib for babies that require a quiet place to nap.
  • Crawlers - filled with baby swings, exersaucers, jumparoos, high chairs and everything needed for children not yet walking and in the toddling stage.
  • Walkers - for those that have learned to walk, where they can enjoy soft climbing structures, a play kitchen and many other toys to expand their imagination.
  • Train Room - given its nickname because of the large train table that every child loves to play with, this room is filled with age appropriate activities for kids that love to imagine and explore with their friends. You might find them dancing to Veggie Tales or crafting fun things with Playdough, but every child loves this room.
  • 3 year Room - when a child turns three before Sept 1 of that school year, they will be in this classroom where they enjoy lessons at age appropriate tables and get to experience many hands-on Bible lessons. Because we know they still love baby dolls and big trucks at this age, we still have plenty of those on hand for playtime.
  • Sick Policy: We ask that if your child is sick that you not check them into the Preschool Zone. This is for the health and safety of the other children and for our staff and volunteers. In the last 24 hours, if your child has had a fever over 100 degrees, any signs of chicken-pox or other contagious virus/bacteria, or diarrhea/vomiting, green/yellow nasal discharge, do not check them into the Preschool Zone.

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