G.R.O.W. is an outreach ministry designed to carry out the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19 by reaching out to those in our community.  Have you ever:
     ~ met a mother whose husband has been recently incarcerated?
     ~ met a teenage boy whose Dad died just hours before your visit?
     ~ met a family who had no food in the house?
     ~ met a Hispanic family sitting on the concrete bench across the street from First Baptist Church?
     ~ given a cup of hot soup to strangers living under the underpass at the interstate?
These are some of the real people living right here in Live Oak who have had the gospel shared with them by members of the GROW team this past year. God has given us the opportunity to join in His ministry as He opened doors for us. We invite you to join us on Monday nights to answer His call to share the gospel. We know He will bless you because He blesses us every Monday night.